Optimage Version History

2.2.0 – 5 September 2018

  • Significantly improved lossy JPEG compression
  • Significantly improved PNG compression speed and density
  • Improved lossy PNG compression
  • Improved optimization speed for large GIF files
  • Improved WebP compression
  • Improved ICNS compression by preserving previous PNG optimizations
  • Improved image quality estimation
  • Implemented Grayscale to sRGB conversion
  • Fixed block artifacts in low-quality JPEG images
  • Fixed conversion to sRGB for some wide-gamut and untagged images
  • Fixed report not updating when images removed
  • Fixed images not processed on volumes without Trash
  • Fixed GIF file size increase in some cases
  • Ensured invalid ICC profiles are always stripped
  • Removed auto-reset when adding new images
  • Added file type icons
  • Added hidden settings to disable/enable SVGO plugins
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

2.1.1 – 30 March 2018

  • Improved lossy PNG compression
  • Added fallback to lossless recompression for JPEG and GIF images

2.1.0 – 27 March 2018

  • Added WebP support
  • Implemented JPEG quantization table optimization to improve image quality
  • Slightly improved PNG compression density
  • Fixed 1-bit transparency flattening in some PNG images
  • Fixed sRGB chunk not added to untagged images when preserving color profiles
  • Improved handling of PNG images with bogus ICC profiles
  • Improved font embedding and substitution in PDF files
  • Made preferences fixed during optimization
  • Fixed badge disappearing for new batches
  • Added natural sorting for files in batches
  • Added total number of bytes saved to About window
  • Improved final report
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

2.0.1 – 7 March 2018

  • Fixed critical bug causing empty printed-to-PDF documents in some cases

2.0.0 – 7 March 2018

  • Added PDF format support
  • Significantly improved PNG compression density and performance
  • Added and updated numerous lossless PNG image reductions/li>
  • Improved lossy compression of flat PNG images
  • Improved lossless compression of larger PNG images
  • Improved lossy JPEG compression quality, density and performance
  • Improved automatic JPEG chroma subsampling
  • Added option to control progressive JPEG encoding
  • Added lossy GIF compression
  • Updated SVG compressor
  • Added support for SVG fonts
  • Made SVG metadata stripping optional
  • Renamed option to back up original files in Trash for clarity
  • Replaced custom progress indicator with standard Dock badge
  • Fixed report not updating when files removed
  • Added early check for unavailable destination
  • Fixed transparent title bar in High Sierra
  • Added daily quota indicator
  • Improved window resizing including smooth transition to detailed mode
  • Improved animation quality and performance
  • Lowered app rank for supported file types
  • Updated app icon
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

1.3.1 – 14 August 2017

  • Fixed Show in Finder on double click
  • Reduced memory footprint

1.3.0 – 12 July 2017

  • Improved compression of some JPEG images containing partial blocks
  • Added real-time compression ratio indicator
  • Improved UI responsiveness for large batches
  • Added system sleep prevention
  • Cleaned up status messages
  • Minor bug fixes

1.2.1 – 15 June 2017

  • Improved compression of some JPEG images containing partial blocks
  • Added real-time compression ratio indicator
  • Improved UI responsiveness for large batches
  • Added system sleep prevention
  • Cleaned up status messages
  • Minor bug fixes

1.2.0 – 17 May 2017

  • Revamped visually lossless JPEG optimization for consistent quality and 2-4 times higher performance
  • Improved JPEG quality estimation
  • Improved grayscale PNG optimization
  • Improved PNG compression (block splitting)
  • Doubled optimization speed for large PNG files
  • Fixed GIF files getting bigger on failures
  • Improved error handling
  • Fixed occasional crash on file reopening
  • Fixed initial progress reporting on slow file systems
  • Fixed percentage table column sorting
  • Softened daily limit to finish files already started
  • Minor bug fixes

1.1.3 – 13 March 2017

  • Improved PNG optimization speed, especially for large images
  • Improved PNG compression ratio with better filtering
  • Improved quality and performance for lossy JPEG optimizations
  • Fixed random redrawing issues in table view
  • Fixed an issue with double-compressed ICNS getting corrupted
  • Minor bug fixes

1.1.2 – 21 Febuary 2017

  • Improved JPEG optimization speed
  • Fixed an issue with certain filenames getting skipped in folders
  • Updated Optimage icon

1.1.1 – 14 Febuary 2017

  • Improved color management in ICNS
  • Added table sorting by status
  • Fixed window round corners
  • Improved drag and drop experience
  • Improved detailed view transitions
  • Improved Preferences accessibility
  • Updated Optimage icon

1.1.0 – 8 Febuary 2017

  • Added SVG, GIF, ICO and ICNS optimizations
  • Fixed a bug when PNG files increased in size in some cases
  • Improved PNG optimization speed and compression ratio
  • Added options to specify output folder (absolute or relative), suffix and prefix
  • Added an option to move original files to Trash
  • Added an option to preserve timestamp
  • Improved detailed view UI
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

1.0.0 – 25 January 2016

  • Added a detailed view with per-file stats
  • Increased JPEG and PNG optimization speed
  • Improved quality metrics
  • Added smart chroma subsampling for more savings
  • Improved compression ratio for both lossy and lossless modes
  • Flattened window style
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed a bug preventing lossless auto rotation of JPEG images
  • Minor bug fixes

0.9.2 – 23 December 2016

  • Added a feature to losslessly auto rotate JPEG images according Exif Orientation tag
  • Improved JPEG optimization performance
  • Increased PNG optimization speed almost twice
  • Fixed an issue with Convert to sRGB causing inverted colors
  • Added CMYK support for Convert to sRGB
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

0.9.1 – 14 December 2016

  • Fixed an issue with drag-and-dropping images with capitalized extensions
  • Improved progress reporting
  • Rolled back final compression ratio bar
  • Added a warning about file overwriting
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Added new sections about preferences and command line usage to Help
  • Minor bug fixes

0.9.0 – 8 December 2016

  • Initial release